Saturday, July 2, 2011

Madonna and Child Nursing

Madonna and Child Nursing
By an unknown Flemish Artist
Early 1500's
Oil on wood
Honolulu Acadamy of Arts, USA

Neck-boob slash goiter. Wha???????


Stephanie King said...

Okay, so yesterday I google "goiter" (don't ask!) No, really, don't ask--it's not that interesting. So, I land on this pic in your blog. Been perusing it ever since--a whole half-a-day. Laughing to the point of tears. And I totally agree: Still to poetry, William Blake!

Stephanie King said...

"stick" to poetry...

Proofread, Stephanie, proofread. Or, blame on auto-correct, Stephanie, blame on auto-correct.

Matti Allison said...

See, I always said googling goiter could lead to great things! Thanks for reading, Stephanie.